What are the most common female roles in pornography?

In an in-depth study of 10,000 female porn performers, it was found that they were most commonly cast as “teenagers” in pornographic films.

In descending order, women were then most frequently assigned the roles of “MILF” (“Mom I’d like to fuck”), “cheerleader,” “nurse,” “daughter,” “coed,” “girlfriend,” “cougar,” “sister,” “babysitter,” “sorority girl,” “schoolgirl,” “hitchhiker,” and “runaway.”

It is worth noting that around half of these roles explicitly sexualize girls under the age of 18 (daughter, schoolgirl, babysitter) and / or target women in need of some kind of support (hitchhiker, runaway).

In a way, the pornographers’ focus seems logical, if uncreative, when considering how they manage to have an endless supply of women. For instance, there are countless reports of the industry exploiting women into pornography by deception (fake modeling jobs), coercing girls (many of whom are survivors of sexual abuse) to surrender their boundaries and “loosen up,” intoxicate the susceptible, and exploit economic poverty with the promise of financial security. It’s hardly a surprise that these very roles are the ones that the pornography industry recycles back to the consumers in a vicious feedback loop that never ends. It makes sense: it’s how the pornographers get their victims, it’s what the men in porn have been consuming, and it’s where the girls in porn come from.