Pornography FAQ is a site with answers to frequently asked questions about pornographic content and the porn industry as a whole. Sources are cited whenever and wherever possible.

The explicit intention of the site is to aggregate into one place as much information about the ideology, practice, history, and ramifications of pornography on legislation, popular culture, and women & children. This site will move in front of the camera, behind-the-scenes, into the production offices, bleed outward onto our image-based culture, and into the bodies and minds of consumers and those with whom those consumers interact.

The pornography industry has gained mainstream credibility as an underdog in an uphill fight against censorship and oppression. On the contrary, Pornography FAQ maintains that both the content of pornography and the industry itself is sexist, misogynist, racist, and propagandist in its hatred of women, and the consumption of pornography has dangerous ramifications that cascade outwardly onto the world in numerous ways. This site will challenge common myths, arguments, and falsehoods with research, testimony, and care to provoke critical thinking, inspire hope, and affect change.

Pornography FAQ is small right now and presently only run by myself. Unless otherwise noted, all words are my own. Over time, though, this site will be exhaustive in scope and in collaboration. The answers on this site are informed by various readings, lectures, studies, and interviews. Not every post will be a FAQ; some will be conversations I’ve had with others about pornography, others will be interviews, and at some point the site will likely evolve to incorporate video.

This site is a continuous work-in-progress; individual FAQs will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the most up-to-date studies, research, and knowledge. If you have found something inaccurate, or you have updated references, or a link is not working, or if you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact me or get in touch via my Facebook group, Men Against Pornography / Prostitution / Patriarchy.

For those of you who have been fighting the pornography industry, I am indebted to the work you’ve done and I hope to learn more from you. Without you, the world would be much worse off.

For those of you who struggle to find their voice in challenging pornography, my hope is that this site and the many resources I reference will provide you with enough direction and courage to speak out.

And for those of you who still consume pornography, my hope is that this site will activate a desire in you to question yourself, stop participating, and join me in advocating against the pornography industry together.

Michael Lovan


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